Lease / Renting

Lease / Renting

Hardware & Parts offers this way of purchasing. It is very interesting, in a financial point of view, as it will be a cost and not an investment. And it will only be a moderate cost. It will help to resolve a one-off need of having a technical infrastructure, but financially complex.

This solution allows to upgrade the company paying a fee. We have rental equipment avaliable, so the client requests the period of time and we will install it and remove it at the end of the contract.

Supporting companies offering technological rental services adapted to the specific requirements of each field. By doing this we become a trusted partner. Hardware & Parts sets with the customer, at the start of the contract, the option to purchase the equipment that is being used when the contract expires. There are many advantages for this: their teams evolve according to the needs of the organization. Easier access to new technologies. Removes the risk of being obsolete. The teams' productivity is increased. Better financial position...

"We have a huge stock of equipment to let"

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