Quality certificates

Quality certificates

For Hardware & Parts Group quality is excellence. We want to assure our customers that our services meet their expectations, not only the market ones, but by the International Certification BSI, who since 2014 gives us the implementation and monitoring of different control standards and ISO quality (International Organization for Standardization), going through exhaustive annual audits. Our company has created a Quality Control department that is responsible for the planning, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of the entire management system.

We have the ISO 9001 "Quality Management System" certification. A prestigious standard oriented to the management of the company under the quality standards. With this standard some guidance are provided to the organization to achieve an standard quality of customer service, so that customer needs are constantly met, allowing the company to increase productivity and stand out from the competition..

In addition, the ISO 14001 "Environmental Management System" certification gives us an environmental management plan describing the process that our company must follow to respect the environment and the laws that applies to them. This certification tries to improve how, as a company, we can reduce the impact on the environment, improving the use of internal resources creating benefits. Our commitment is to the highest.

On the other hand, more related to our field, we have the ISO 20000 "Information technology - Service management" certification. An effective delivery of IT services is a must for any company in our environment. Hardware & Parts Group have set some proper controls and procedures to provide an IT quality service that is consistent and cost effective.

And lastly our ISO 27001 "Information security management systems" certification. This standard describes how to manage the information security of the company. Under these set parameters, it could be independently verified what hazards have been properly identified, evaluated and managed at the same time that some processes, procedures and documentation is formalized for the protection of information.

We also work under ITIL standards (Information Technology Infrastructure Library); a compendium of good practices for the IT service management, technology development and operations related to them. ITIL gives detailed descriptions of an extensive set of management procedures designed to help organizations to achieve quality and efficiency in IT operations.


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