Hardware & Parts Group also offers the possibility of supplying a line of refurnished equipment. Our technical department finds them with very few hours of usage or ex-display equipment, so that the investment in the new infrastructure does not involve a large outlay. The equipment is completely tested and guaranteed by our team, extending the manufacturer's warranty to your needs, thanks to our maintenance service.

Through these services we can achieve significant savings on the cost of the equipment, which makes the depreciation on the company much faster or that we can buy better equipment with the same budget we had allocated.

The interesting thing about buying refurnished equipment is that most manufacturers keep their guarantees. It would also be a good idea that companies invest these savings in extended warranties on these equipment, as this is something that will help us keeping them as new and avoid some of the problems that may arise.

"The investment in a new infrasstructure, fully revised and guaranteed, will not cause a big financial outlay"

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