IT security

IT security

seguridad informatica

Seguridad informatica

Information systems are essential for companies and must be protected. Because Internet usage is increasing, more and more companies allow their partners and suppliers access to their information systems.

Therefore, it is essential to know what company's resources need protection, to control system access and the user rights in the information system. The same procedures apply for allowed access to the company via the Internet.

IT security is to ensure that the computer equipment and software resources of an organization are used for the purposes for which they were created and within the framework provided only.


Safety should cover the following areas:

• A mechanism of physical and logical security that meets the needs of the company and employee use.
• A procedure to administer updates.
• A strategy of conducting planned backups properly.
• A recovery plan after an incident.
• A documented system updated.

We care about your data and therefore we design contingency and disaster recovery plans. We propose different ways to make contingency plans, such as installing a replicated infrastructure in your facilities. Our company deals with everything from dimensioning, installation, communications and management platform.

"We have a team of network specialists who meet all security levels, avoiding unwanted surprises. Optimal levels of security are our reason for being"

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